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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Who is is a single source solution for global chauffeured services. We are the ground transportation provider of choice for hundreds of major corporations, private aircraft companies, and travel agencies. has invested in technologies to streamline the ordering, tracking, and administrative functions that surround chauffeured ground transportation. utilizes its technology to electronically integrate its network of high-quality local firms.

2: How do I know I am getting a high-quality chauffeur and vehicle?

Through its network of Certifid Affiliate Club (CAC) process, has access to 1000's of vehicles around the world. You travel in safety and comfort knowing that has rigorously tested its affiliates for quality, safety, and security. Drivers are thoroughly tested and trained, and vehicle standards are the highest in the industry. When clients make travel reservations with, they have the comfort of knowing that our dispatch center monitors every trip using our global operations system and has full visibility of reservations in progress.

3: How does maintain its service and safety standards?

We consider it our primary business to ensure safety and security for our clients. To guarantee that safety and service practices are never compromised, we've certified the top chauffeured transportation companies in key markets through rigorous testing and compliance mechanisms. We mystery shop our affiliates on a regular basis to ensure our standards are met consistently.

4: How do I make reservations?

Reservations can be made 24 hours, 365 days a year at or by calling our operations center at 1.877.474.4847 or call your favorite Travel Agency.

5: Whom do I call if I cannot find my driver?

Our dispatch team is always aware of the location of your vehicle. If you do not make contact with your driver at the specified time, simply call 1.877.474.4847 Option 1.

6: How do I know if a reservation is accepted?

Once you have placed a reservation, you will receive an immediate email confirmation containing a reservation number and a confirmed status. If the trip is booked online within 6 hours of the scheduled pickup, you will receive an email containing a reservation number with a pending status. Once you receive your pending confirmation email, call at 1.877.474.4847 Option 1 to confirm availability.

7: Who do I contact about flight cancellations and delays?

You may call our 24 operations center at 1.877.474.4847. Additionally, our dispatch team monitors all commercial and private aircraft.

8: Whom do I contact if I need to cancel a reservation?

Cancellations can be made online at up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled pickup time. Within 24 hours of your scheduled pickup time, contact our operations center at 1.877.474.4847 Option 1.

9: What payment methods are accepted by accepts American Express, VISA, Discover, and MasterCard. All billing, including credit card processing and invoicing is handled in our Scottsdale corporate office. No transactions take place in the car. Credit Card clients receive an e-receipt within 24-48 hours after service completion. Corporate clients have the option of account invoicing which can be set up through the accounting department.

10: Is my information safe? is a Verisign-secured site. Using the most advanced encryption technology available, your payment information is safe and secure.

11: How do I modify a reservation if my schedule changes?

Modifications can be made online at up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled pickup. You can also contact our 24 hour operations center at 1.877.474.4847.